It has been two weeks since I started my internship doing research at Brigham and Women’s hospital and  I have realized that I have been utilizing many techniques learned from my past 3 years at Boston College. My lab focuses on the effects of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), a genetic disease that causes benign tumors to form, and its manifestations such as Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) which is the presence of these tumors in the lung and trying to examine effective forms of treatment.

Within the first week of working, I realized that there was a lot of knowledge I did not know and would  be required to learn in a short period of time from different scientific literature. The Investigations in Molecular Cell Biology Lab gave me the experience and techniques that would help me read and understand these articles. This course also familiarized me with websites and databases such as NCBI that I would need to use to find journal articles and find the homology (similarity) between two genes in different organisms. Another course that helped me be prepared for this work was my Molecular Biology class I took last semester with Professor Annunziato. He taught me a lot about the lab techniques which I am able to apply and understand the significance of today. He also taught me more about certain cell cycle pathways which are directly related to (and possibly regulated by) what I am researching now.

BC has not only given me the knowledge to begin my research but has also given me the tools necessary to obtain any future knowledge needed to advance it.

Written by William Mischler, BC Class of 2017