TRACking my Development

This summer I am interning at TRACS, Inc – a sports marketing and event planning company in Watertown. At TRACS, Inc, I hold a wide range of responsibilities. Whether it’s drafting pitches for new clients, or flying to New Orleans to put on a 5K race for Novo Nordisk, every day is a challenge and every day is different.

My Boston College education has provided me with skills to excel in this varying environment. While at BC I have been encouraged to take a diverse set of classes.  Given the core requirements, my own inability to decide what I wanted to major in, and the possibility to minor in the business school, I have had the opportunity to take courses in nearly every subject area. Background in so many different classes has made my experience at TRACS manageable and enjoyable.

Specifically, the classes I have taken for my major (English) and minor (Management and Leadership) have helped me foster skills that I use every day at work. I often find myself relying on the formal writing skills I learned in my Business Writing, Public Relations, and Marketing courses while drafting emails, pitches, radio blurbs, agendas, and more. I then turn to the techniques I learned in courses like “Leadership” to make sure that I am being an empowering and vital member of my team. Together all of my courses have prepared me to be a member of the team that my peers and superiors can rely on.

A significant experience in my BC career that has given me an edge in the workforce came this past spring semester, when I had dance practice until 1 or 2 in the morning every night while still maintaining my high standards for my GPA. The long nights, and even longer following mornings taught me that challenging myself only makes me better. I was able to have one of my best academic semesters despite the lack of sleep and loss of time, and now I feel that in any endeavor at work I know I can push myself to maneuver every hurdle that comes my way – even if that hurdle is setting up 5k at 3:00am in the 98 degree humidity of New Orleans. And it is an edge that will help keep me optimistic when I face any other adversity in the workforce.

Check out my pictures from setting up the New Orleans 5K@ADA.

Written by Rebecca Feeney, BC Class of 2017