Terrorism, Coups d’etat, and “Brexits”

thomas hanley blog image

I am spending the summer at the U.S. – European Media Hub in Brussels, Belgium. Coordinating with journalists and media outlets throughout Europe, the Hub assists in connecting U.S. policy makers with European journalists. Another important part of the Hub’s work is writing reports on what European news outlets have been reporting on, and relaying it to Washington so they have a clearer picture as to what is important to the European people in international affairs.

It has been a fascinating time to work at the Hub – walking past armed soldiers patrolling the streets of Brussels on one’s way to work is a blatant reminder of how tense Europe is today. This has made the work more important: Be it in the capacity of looking at how the French Newspapers have responded to the attack in Nice or what the English media predicts will happen in the United Kingdom following the “Brexit.” The job does have a lighter side though – like watching Ambassadors and prominent businesspersons from around the world attempt to eat hot dogs and french fries at our Fourth of July celebration (it certainly is not the most diplomatic meal).

My Boston College education has also had an impact on how I approach the summer. The opportunity to work at the Tri-Mission has lead to fascinating conversations and working experience with prominent U.S. policy makers.  My relationships with my Political Science professors at BC, experts in their field, has prepared me to best work with, but also gain insight from, such prominent people – and develop relationships similar to those I’ve made at BC.

Written by Thomas Hanley, BC Class of 2017