“Reading Is A Really Cool Thing”

AGOMAMy first couple of weeks working as an intern at the Attorney General’s Office have certainly been a culture shock for me. While Boston College has prepared me for this experience, I think anyone stepping into a professional environment for the first time would experience a bit of a culture shock. That being said, I am glad that I have taken so many history classes at Boston College. A liberal arts education in general has proved invaluable. To paraphrase one of my idols, Jack Black, “reading is a really cool thing”.

I’m going to be frank: the amount of reading that I do as a history major can get fairly boring. However, when I was tasked with reading a full copy of a bill passed by the Massachusetts Senate, I was glad that I had grown accustomed to reading so much. The task was daunting because of the length of the bill and the unfamiliar “legalese”. Thankfully, I am accustomed to reading so much. Half of the difficulty of my task melted right away thanks to my time spent at Boston College.

This Bill was known as the “Zoning and Permitting Reform Bill”.  I work in the Municipal Law Unit in the Attorney General’s Office.  A lot of this department’s responsibility is to review zoning changes and within municipalities.  Therefore, the overhaul of the zoning and permitting laws in Massachusetts that had barely changed in the last 30 years would affect a lot of the work done by my bosses.  If the Bill were to pass, learning the changes to the law from a summary, rather than reading the bill, would be much easier and less time consuming.

Written by Jack Gilligan, BC Class of 2018