Collaboration is Key

My internship experience has been greater than I ever imaged. In the past two weeks, I have completed various tasks and projects including drafting social media posts, writing and editing blog posts for FableVision, and working on my formal pitch for my independent project, which I will be working on all summer! The two note worthy projects that have significantly shaped my experience thus far would definitely be the independent project and the blog that I created.

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I have chosen to take on the optional independent project offered by FableVision, and boy, did this project take off quickly. I had a pretty ambitious idea in mind and I wasn’t confident that I could make my idea become a reality. On the second day of the job, my supervisor gathered all the interns (marketing plus art design) together for a meet-and-greet. In this gathering, one of my fellow interns asked me to tell the group about the idea I had in mind. Completely caught off guard, my mouth dropped and I went for it. While wrapping up my spiel, I nervously added that I knew my project idea was a bit aggressive and that I wouldn’t be able to tackle it without their help. To my surprise, the other interns jumped on board with my pitch, and for the first time, the FableVision interns were collaborating on an independent project! I have acquired the role as director of the Summer 2016 interns project, and have learned that I love project management as well as collaborating with others.

Group projects assigned in all of my Lynch School classes, as well as my experience as an Orientation Leader last summer, have taught me to value collaboration in the work force. These two experiences, in addition to my experience interning at FableVision, have solidified my decision that I definitely want to explore career options that offer a collaborative work environment. The work environment at FableVision has helped me to understand why collaboration is so beneficial. It not only makes work more fun, but also allows greater efficiency and success.

I have also learned to appreciate the dozens of writing assignments that BC has handed me, as mentioned in my FableVision Summer 2016 Blog post. Although I was intimated by the fact that I didn’t have a portfolio of projects to show as my other interns did, I’ve learned that I actually have a huge advantage and a different vantage point to bring to the table. This also enhances my collaborative work with the other interns. I didn’t know exactly how essential collaborative work was in the marketing field, but understanding this has led me to strongly consider marketing as a career path and I am slowly falling in love with it.

One of my first major assignments was to create the blog for the Summer 2016 interns, which I was super excited about! My co-marketing intern and I worked together on this assignment, and the natural excitement I felt was extremely telling of my innate passion: communicating with others through writing. I am not sure exactly what this means for my future career path at the moment, but I am confident that as the weeks go on I will discern what my role might be.

Written by Courtney Copelin, BC Class of 2017