The Whole World at My Fingertips

I cannot begin to wrap my head around the fact that my eleven-week internship at the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights is already coming to an end! It seems like just yesterday I was participating in orientation and nervously trying to speculate what my experience would entail. Thankfully, I can confidently say that my internship at the Consortium this summer has far exceeded my expectations. I worked with some of the top feminist scholars in the fields of security and development and made friendships with fellow interns that have greatly impacted my life.

Although a few short months ago I was in denial that my time at Boston College was quickly passing, my internship has made me extremely confident and excited about my future. As an International Studies major with a concentration in Ethics and International Social Justice, I have always known that I wanted to pursue a career in the field of humanitarian assistance and human rights violations. My work with the Consortium has validated that passion, but has also exposed me to the idea that a career goal can be achieved in many different ways. Although I still hope to work at an NGO or Think Tank that conducts academic research of human rights infringements after graduation, I have learned that many different disciplines and job opportunities can allow me to do this.

This summer I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by Ghazal Zulfiqar, a feminist academic and director of the Social Enterprise Centre at L13879296_1238875846146805_2469084056047807131_nahore University. She spoke so candidly about her transition from a career in finance at Citibank to her present work conducting gender analysis of microeconomic policies on women in developing countries. Although I was amazed that she could have such a shift in careers, Ghazal’s story was a major learning moment in my internship. She taught me that all career experiences are important and can contribute greatly to your end goal, whether or not you know it in that moment. My internship at the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights has made me aware that studying International Studies allows me to follow my passion for human rights, but also exposes me to an enormous variety of jobs that can allow me to achieve my vocation in many different forms.

Written by Kathleen Callahan, BC Class of 2017