A Hectic and Rewarding Ending

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As I’ve started packing up, doing exit interviews, and cleaning out my desk, I find myself wondering where this summer went. Because of the Eagle Fellowship, I was able to take on my very first full-time internship at inSegment, a digital marketing agency in Boston, and spending 40 hours per week at work really made the time fly. Working full time was much more of a challenge than I expected—I found myself constantly struggling to find time for even the mundane parts of my life, like meals, laundry, and working out. Since this lifestyle has proven to be a major adjustment, I’m really grateful that I was able to have this experience before I’ve even left college.

I’m of course also grateful for the internship itself and the experiences I’ve had. While I cannot say that I fell in love with B2B marketing, I learned a lot of important lessons during this internship that will be useful to me regardless of the career I choose to pursue. I’ve learned to work with a team and to interact with managers. I’ve become accustomed to learning on the job, and picking up new skills. But the greatest lessons have come during these past few days. Last week, my intern supervisor received a job offer and had to leave inSegment suddenly—leaving just me and my co-intern to basically manage our entire department. All of a sudden, I was flooded with emails and tasks to perform. While it has therefore been a hectic last week, I feel like I’ve grown even more in these past few days than in the weeks preceding it combined. I’ve learned to work efficiently and quickly, to prioritize, and to communicate my problems to my superiors. So, while this week has been the greatest challenge I’ve faced during my internship so far,  I’m leaving inSegment feeling very proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish.

Written by A.V., BC Class of 2017


A Marketing Intern—With No Marketing Experience

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While I consider the skills I have developed as an English major to be highly valuable (research, critical thinking, analysis, writing, etc.), these skills do not put me on a track toward any particular career. That is why I am working as a copywriting intern at inSegment this summer—to explore a potential way that I could translate my English skills into a career.

Because inSegment is a digital marketing agency, I was at first a little intimidated for my internship, as I have no marketing experience. Luckily, I have found over the past two weeks that my English major has more than adequately prepared me for a copywriting job. As a copywriter, I am in charge of writing email copy and subject lines to promote our clients’ assets. These campaigns demand that I write succinctly, but thanks to my background in English, I am skilled at making deliberate, accurate word choices. Some of my other tasks include writing case studies for the company website and articles for the company blog. Both of these tasks require me to do extensive research, another skill that I have refined in my higher-level English classes.

However, it is not only my English major that has helped me succeed at this internship so far. I have also been applying the skills I learned during my experience with the PULSE program two years ago. Because of my PULSE internship, I know how to interact with my supervisors, and that asking questions is really important when settling into a new internship. I know that when I run out of tasks, I should ask around the office and see if anyone else needs my help instead of sitting around passively. I know that I should pay meticulous attention to detail in everything I submit. I feel that my PULSE internship truly has given me an edge over my co-interns. While my work is challenging, I am comfortable at inSegment because of the foundation my education at BC laid in place, and I am looking forward to seeing where the rest of the summer takes me.

Written by A.V., BC Class of 2017