Navigating Non-Profits

After studying abroad the fall semester of my junior year in Geneva, Switzerland, where I spent time learning about the operations of major international institutions and NGOs, I knew that I wanted to look for opportunities working for a smaller, more direct service oriented international non-profit. I spent a lot of time looking at the mission of NGOs in the Boston area and SBHF really stood out to me. The organization’s dedication to provide well-rounded health care to any patient that walks in the door, while also working to empower the community through a wide variety of programs, and its commitment to keeping a majority Haiti staff really drew me to SBHF. I think that this organization is an outstanding example of what holistic healthcare means. As the non-profit industry is incredibly vast, and this insight has provided me with the tools needed to navigate various opportunities in the future.

Going into my senior year at Boston College, my experience as the Development Intern for the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation has provided me with a sense of confidence and direction in my path for life after graduation. Having the opportunity to work alongside staff from various departments throughout the organization has given me insight about what each role entails and which types of roles I hope to see myself working towards. My experience at SBHF has also provided me with many of the technical skills needed for working in non-profits while also engaging my perspective on international development and global health work. I think the biggest takeaway I have gained from this experience is that with confidence, drive, and dedication to goal (or entire mission of an organization), it is possible to achieve incredible things. I witnessed this so many times in my work at the organization, whether it be the installing of a waterline in the rural mountain town, flying in patients that could not be treated anywhere else in the country, or the treatment of a burn victims with a new skin graft machine. There have been so many times where I have been in awe of the work and people involved with SBHF both in the Newton office and in Haiti, and I am very humbled to be have been a part of it.



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