The Life of a Criminal Lawyer


Keeping the streets of New York safe.

First, I cannot believe that my internship is over! This summer has gone by so fast, but the eight weeks at my internship have gone even faster. I remember in my first blog post I mentioned how nervous and excited I was for this internship. By the end of the summer, my office made the interns and myself feel as if we were just regular employees for the office. I am so grateful and will forever appreciate the warmth and caring atmosphere, my bosses and fellow workers provided for me.

I’m not sure where to begin. I’ve seen so much this summer at the District Attorney’s Office. From listening to incriminating calls of the defendant, to watching that same exact evidence being used in the courtroom. I’ve been to lectures from judges and lawyers, talking about their experiences as an officer of justice in the criminal justice system. My office provided all the interns with an amazing insight with everything dealing with the criminal justice system, especially the effects of the criminal justice system in the Bronx.

But, the best learning experience for me was to be able to sit in on a homicide trial. From start to finish, I got to see everything that goes into the procedure of a homicide trial. Even though I’m not able to go into full details of the trial, I’ve seen how justice prevails in the Bronx and how my office is trying their best to make sure everyone receives a fair and justice trail, even when the public may not always agree with the outcome.

Words can’t describe how happy I am to be able to work at the District Attorney’s Office. Working at this office has made me come to a life decision that I’ve always have battled with when it came to which type of law I wanted to specialize in later in my life. I’ve come to the conclusion that criminal law may not be the type of law that I would like to practice for the rest of my life. Being a criminal lawyer takes a certain type of personality and toughness. The lawyers at my office see it all; from trialing a murder case to dealing with cases that involve children being sexually abused by a family member. These lawyers have to deal with these horrific cases on an everyday basis. We need these officers of law to help bring justice for these victims. But, while I respect everything that the lawyers in this field do, I’m not sure that I could deal with such sad and gruesome cases on a daily basis. Even though I’ve come to this conclusion, again, I’m so so grateful to work at this office. If I never got to truly experience the life of a criminal lawyer, I would have never gotten to know if this type of work was for me or not.

Written by Brian Kouassi, BC Class of 2017


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