The Power of Laughter

It’s crazy to think that the 10 weeks of my internship are already coming to a close. When I entered into the 9-6 professional world, I expected the days to drag and the hours to tick away tiredly. However, my experience has been quite the opposite, zipping by in the blink of an eye and blurring one event to the next as I sped by. In fact, in a broader sense, my internship has been altogether different than what I expected. Not only has it been more fast-pace than expected, but it has also been the most surprisingly fulfilling, challenging, inspiring work I have done. I hardly knew what I was getting myself into, yet the 10 weeks I have had have been some of the best of my life. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have serendipitously happened upon this position and been placed with such a fun-loving, hard-working, inspiring and engaging group of people. More than anything, I am grateful that even in a position like Fashion Events, I can feel a sense of accomplishment, social justice and purpose.

Throughout the course of this internship, I have learned a great deal about myself, my strengths, my goals, and ultimately my career aspirations. Events seem to be a perfect marriage of my strengths and passions, yet enough of a challenge where I don’t feel complacent or unfulfilled. I can be creative and still organized, interactive yet individual, and fun yet still professional. I learned to overcome fear of failure and let my confidence in my capabilities surpass my self-imposed limitations.

First and foremost, I have clearly seen the importance of confidence and initiative. The moment that so many amazing pieces fell into place this summer for me was the moment that I finally owned that I am capable and that I can and will contribute a lot to a company. Once I realized that, everything else followed. I started to take initiative, take on more responsibility, and even finish tasks before my boss asked. I also learned that making mistakes isn’t the end of the world, because in moments of embarrassment and failure is where I learned the most (and also where I grew closest to my boss.) I grew closer with her because I could laugh at my mistakes and shrug it off and move on. Another surprising tool I acquired at Michael Kors was the power of laughter and not taking yourself too seriously. Sometimes, I would spend an hour just trying to print something correctly with the right adjustments and colors and size, and being able to laugh at myself and have perspective was crucial. Hayley (my supervisor) and I would laugh and laugh at how our mistakes and that humor bridged the gap of the boss-worker dynamic. Even though my work is important and the tasks I accomplish greatly affect my department, it’s okay to take a moment and have a little perspective, before getting right back down to work of course!

When reflecting on my experience, the highlight would definitely be the last Press Day my team and I put on. A Press Day is essentially a mini, semi-casual fashion show where the designer (Michael Kors in this case,) presents his latest collection to press who come in appointments. He verbally walks through each piece, and typically when the press has all come and gone, the Lookbook is shot. My second day of my internship we had a press day and I was just kind of thrown into it. I had no idea what was happening, and though i enjoyed it, I was only an observer. This last one, I was a contributor, a spear-header, a planner! I had an enormous hand in the organizing and I felt like I had a large stake in the success of the event. Watching it all run smoothly and being granted the privilege of sitting in on the presentations was truly a euphoric moment. That was when I knew this is what I want to do…at least for now! The feeling I got from working so hard, planning, organizing, messing up, fixing it, laughing with Hayley, and then watching it all come together was one of the best I have ever felt! It took me a while to get there, and to get the hang of it to where I could contribute autonomously…but when I did, boy was it great. So, all in all, my summer has been transformative, amazing, chaotic, but deeply rewarding. I could not be more thankful to both BC and MK for all that I have been given! Now, on to the next adventure!

Written by Sophia Payne, BC Class of 2017



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