That’s a Wrap

Chandler 1My summer internship exceeded my expectations immensely and I never thought that I would consider a working summer to be one of my all-time favorites. This is the case however, as my internship affected me positively and tremendously.

Interning with WCVB’s Chronicle allowed me to test my career interests and passions in their respective environment to verify that I am following the right path. I was also able to observe different jobs in the television field such as photographer, producer, reporter, anchor, etc. to gain insight into which positions I am most interested in.

After my internship, my career goals remain within the same field. They were, however, strengthened, fine-tuned and specified. I now know that I aim to be a reporter, which is something I was not absolute on prior.

I believe that one can never truly know which professional field is the correct fit until he or she experiences it hands on. My Chronicle internship taught me this. It is important to remain open-minded and test the waters before narrowing in. Coming home from work each night happy and enthusiastic about sharing all of the interesting things I learned and experienced, as well as waking up excited to go to WCVB each morning, proved to me I was on the right track. This is why internships are so valuable and helpful in college.

To all future interns in the broadcast field and more, here are some of the most important lessons I’ve learned:

  • Have a hunger to learn as much as possible. The way you react to what you learn says a lot about your career interests.
  • Immerse yourself in the company and atmosphere you are in and observe.
  • Take note of your likes and dislikes to discover more about what you look for in a career.
  • Use the time with supervisors and colleagues to ask questions and learn of other opportunities to help with the next step of your career.

I am beyond thankful to BC for making it possible for me to intern at Chronicle, where every day and every task has been so valuable.

Written by Chandler Walsh, BC Class of 2017


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