Gaining Legal In(site)

Over the past 2 months at Lee & Lee, PS, I learned that I probably wouldn’t much like being a lawyer, potentially harbor a penchant for technological fields, and most definitely enjoy (and dare I say excel at) working in a bilingual environment. The legal profession has always had a draw for me in theory, but spending a prolonged time period watching and assisting attorneys in non-glamorous tasks such as futile research reports and errand running for clients quickly cast a shadow on my mental projections. For someone who records hip-hop music as a hobby, my law internship involved a great deal more suits than anything that suited me. In other words, I wasn’t as stimulated as I thought I’d be.

Several splendid highlights during my short stint in Seattle saved my otherwise somber sojourn. I had the opportunity to be highly involved in a website redesign for Lee & Lee, PS. With an already experienced background in online product services, I was able to leverage past work in web marketing with my recently conducted research to contribute towards a new look that much better reflected the market placement and catering towards the specific cultural expectations of our mostly Chinese clientele. I had a less fun but equally rewarding time translating our English copy over to Chinese.

I didn’t speak much English this summer, which while not linguistically challenging for me, definitely yanked me out of my comfort zone professionally. Having to navigate client interaction and pursue networking opportunities beyond my dominant language while also having the chance to flex bilingual abilities in specific avenues such as immigration document filing and researching in an international student fraud case were valuable for my career development. I think I would like to continue refining general business management and workflow skills I learned from our business director, Grant, in a similar international capacity. Though my experience differed from my expectations, my time at Lee & Lee, PS was incredibly valuable and I am grateful to my employer, coworkers, and the Boston College Career Center.

Written by Ding Zheng, BC Class of 2018


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