Bye for Now

Entering my last week of internship, Olivia, the other intern who joined the gallery a month ago kept saying, “I can’t believe you won’t be here after this week.”

I couldn’t either. I kept thinking “I would keep coming to the gallery at the same time, 9am, everyday, even after this week.”

My coworker constantly reminded me of my limited time left at my internship, and it helped me remain conscious of it. I told myself I would end strong to not regret anything I didn’t do or didn’t do enough before the internship ended. I organized more filed and binders, leaving instructions for future interns to keep a more structured system.

While I reflected at my time at the gallery, I realized I was lucky to have had such a wonderful experience with my fellow workers and my supervisor. Not only did I form an intimate relationship with my boss, but I also did connect with the other interns at the gallery. We quickly became aware of each of our weaknesses and strengths and collaborated on each project and task in ways that would highlight our strengths. I had developed such meaningful relationships that I had not even expected to make.

“Hazel?” Liliana and Edward called to say bye. They both gave me hugs and made sure I would contact them for future references, recommendations or any questions. “You have truly performed above and beyond all tasks we have asked. Thank you so much for the summer.” I felt the sincerity in both of their voices, and as I murmured “Thank you” back, my throat tightened and I blushed.

Feeling more aware of myself, and those around me who have helped me grow during my time at the gallery, I walked out with no regrets, proud of the achievements I made at the gallery. I looked one more time at the facade of the gallery. The “Edward Ressle” sign shined on the building more than ever, and I smiled knowing I was the one who had ordered that very sign to be designed, made, and installed.

Written by Hazel Yoon, BC Class of 2017


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