Spirit of Enterprise

KevinLeeBlog2 imageDespite the many uncertainties I had initially harbored at the start of my internship, the last several months along with the culmination of my near two-month internship experience has ultimately allowed me to realize the unwarranted need of such concerns. Although this may just be another instance in which my feelings and emotions have been affected by the afterthoughts of my experiences, I can at least genuinely attest that working for ExoWear and being part of its dedicated, hardworking, and purpose-driven team has helped me grow and mature as an individual not afraid to take on new challenges and be more insightful about the many things that happen around us at an ever increasing pace.

Personally and academically, this summer could easily be defined as a period of unparalleled exploration infused with a creative and enterprising spirit that came with the startup culture that I somewhat grew accustomed to halfway through my internship. I learned and experience firsthand how your official position on paper does not define and limit the scope of your work, purpose, and suitability at a company; rather, it may depend on how you choose to be more open and willing to learn and participate in topics that may be cross-disciplinary. Although my main role was to develop the mobile app as a software developer, I also worked in conjunction with electrical and computer engineers to develop the hardware and firmware as well as Cloud-based infrastructure for database and static web hosting.

Now having been part of a startup environment, I learned that it requires a monumental amount of persistence towards one’s motivation and determination to ultimately become successful in one’s venture. I realized very early during the summer that many companies are tasked with overcoming new challenges daily, an effort that can easily wear down workers if not sustained with some form of compensation or satisfactory results. Not having physical forms of compensation has helped me appreciate more of the internal rewards to which I obtained through my work and accomplishments and I hope to develop this internal sense of valuation throughout my future endeavors whether it be another startup venture or a corporate enterprise.

Written by Keun Hee Lee, BC Class of 2018


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