Paralegal for the Prosecution

Over the past 7 weeks, I’ve had the incredible opportunity of interning at the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. It has provided me with a fascinating look into the legal world that has helped me immensely in exploring and considering my career interests.

It’s done this in a few ways:

  • I’ve had the opportunity to speak to and attend lunches with various high ranking members of the office who have talked about topics as wide ranging as terrorism, cybersecurity, murder trials, and advice for law school. These conversations have given me a much clearer insight into what to expect if I chose to pursue law as a career.
  • Over the past two weeks, a case I’ve helped out with has gone to trial. Here’s a link to a news article about it. The preparation for trial was a lot of work, but it was really rewarding. This was definitely a period in which I was tested and learned a lot. I learned the importance of remaining calm, collected, and accurate in stressful, time sensitive situations. Now, since the trial has started, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the trial and see the fruits of my labor. The trial process has been exciting and it has also given me yet another insight as to what it’s really like to be a lawyer.

Because of these experiences, I think I’m considering law school and being a lawyer more strongly than before. I certainly had thought about it before, but these positive experiences have pushed me further towards pursing that path.

Written by Luke Urbanczyk, BC Class of 2017


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