Autonomy and it’s Benefits

Since my last blog post, my education and understanding of neuroscience and neuro-anatomy has grown immensely. Throughout this learning process I have interacted with a variety of people coming from numerous professional and educational backgrounds. One way in which I was exposed to a potential career path was through a voluntary, and informal, neuro-anatomy class that is being offered to summer students at the lab. It is taught by one of the principle investigators. We have worked to understand, three dimensionally, the structure and location of major parts of the brain. This has peaked my interest in fields of medicine that investigate neuro-anatomy.

The images below were taken from the internet because I am not allowed to photograph patient images that I am working on as it could violate confidentiality agreements. The first image is a fMRI image. From this we are able to create the second image which shows water diffusivity throughout the brain.

Henry image 1          Henry image 2

Another way in which my internship has helped me explore potential career paths is by putting me in contact with people further along in careers that I am interested in. For example I work closely with another research trainee who happens to be a second year medical student. His advice has helped me to better plan out my future.

For the most part my career goals have remained constant. I wish to attend medical school after having taken a gap year. I have not had a specific moment in which I have felt that my education has sky rocketed; rather these past two weeks have greatly augmented my understanding of what exactly I am doing at the lab. For the past two weeks my direct supervisor was on vacation so I had to assume a significant amount of autonomy very quickly. This has pushed me to be a better problem solver, individual thinker and networker. I have worked with varying people around the lab on the projects I have been assigned in order to move the projects in the right direction.

Written by Henry Dumke, BC Class of 2017


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