A First Glance into the Fashion World

MKI have just begun my fifth week at Michael Kors, and it finally feels like I have a grasp on my role and how I am able to contribute to the enormous and ever-expanding fashion establishment that is MK. It’s taken a little while for me to adjust, as most of my tasks are on the computer emailing, using excel and power point, and essentially running around and helping out the best I can. I play a very specific role in what seems like an exceedingly complicated and multi-faceted web of departments. However, once I finally got the hang of how things work, the dynamics with my co-workers, and the particular place in which I fit into it all, I found my job to be exciting, engaging, and hugely informative.

I was serendipitously placed in Global Events, a field I knew little to nothing about and had absolutely no experience in. I’ve always known that I wanted to do fashion, as it has been my biggest passion and form of creative expression since I can remember. What I was always uncertain about was what exact realm of the fashion world I was most drawn to. PR? Marketing? Buying? Design? The questions seemed overwhelming and the answers scarce. That is what has been most eye-opening about this internship: there are positions out there that I didn’t even know existed, mine being an example. Fortunately, I have fallen in love with events, and were it not for this internship, there’s a chance I would’ve never known that most larger fashion companies have events departments. This subset of the fashion industry is a perfect marriage of my strengths and dare I say, obsessively organized tendencies. It requires a lot of organization and planning, something my type A self has always excelled if not thrived at. It calls for a very fast-pace work ethic that is always jam packed with emails and coordinating and scheduling, again satisfying my very hyper-organized alter ego. Finally, and probably most important, it needs a bit of creativity and fun! From conceptualization to manifestation, I get to watch these events expand into lovely occasions! Don’t get me wrong, as an intern my role is relatively limited and in terms of creativity, I mostly just follow orders and requests from my supervisor, but…it has shown me the potential, the possibility to make my way up to the point where I have a larger say!

My success (so far) in my internship I can largely attribute to Boston College, a place who has pushed me to grow not only intellectually, but personally. Through my experiences in and outside of the classroom, I have deepened my love of connection and learning, and further cultivated my interpersonal skills. Above all else, I believe my capacity to connect with others, to listen, and to make others feel comfortable has been my biggest and most useful tool at MK. Through my experience as an OL or in the various organizations I am a part of on campus, I learned how to engage with and talk to a wide range of people. So, when entering the professional world, I feel confident in my communication skills and also in ability to talk to others with ease and joy.

So, all in all the internship has been tremendously fun, helpful, and challenging, but in the best ways. I love the feeling of being immersed in the professional world, and especially the feeling of making a positive and helpful impact in that world. Though I am still unsure where I will end up belonging in this new sphere I’ve discovered, I do know that I feel way more prepared, confident, and excited than when I started. I hope to use this next chapter of my internship to continuously soak up all the information I can and also learn where I can grow and improve. I look forward to what the future holds!

Written by Sophia Payne, BC Class of 2017


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