Getting Behind the Screen at WCVB


Before my internship at WCVB, I worried about discovering and developing my career interests. Once I stepped inside the station, this all changed. The internship allowed me to be more involved in the television field and learn more each day than I would in any other environment. Conversations with producers, reporters and co-workers who all share the same career passions as I do have been refreshing and eye-opening.

My regular duties include providing viewer support, fact checking for upcoming shows, archiving shows, logging interviews and helping producers with varieties of tasks. I also utilized tips from the Boston College Career Center and took advantage of extra opportunities to develop my interests further. Within my second week, I observed multiple tapings for my internship’s nightly news magazine show, Chronicle, as well as regular newscasts. I also attended a daylong field shoot for a Chronicle episode on local authors. With this, I had the opportunity to shadow a producer, photographer and reporter as they interviewed authors in the Boston area, giving me a hands-on, behind-the-scenes experience.

At Boston College, I experienced the importance of taking initiative. Students have the responsibility to take advantage of their education through their own initiative with office hours, extracurricular activities, meaningful relationships with others, and more. This valuable lesson gave me an edge in my internship for WCVB’s Chronicle by motivating me to take on extra jobs and tasks, as well as stay extra hours to observe tapings and newscasts.

I am also able to apply knowledge from specific communication, journalism and public relations classes at BC to my internship to understand the significance behind each task. Beyond this however, BC’s liberal arts education also prepared me for my internship in connecting each experience to a bigger picture. When I step inside WCVB’s station, I see each day as an opportunity to learn more and develop my passions. Whether at the intern desk or in the control room, studio, or field, there is always something more to learn.

Written by Chandler Walsh, BC Class of 2017


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