Legal Assistant in NYC

Maria C imageMonday June 12th was the first day of my highly anticipated internship in New York City. I turned off my alarm clock, got ready, and turned on google maps to find my way to Fox Horan & Camerini LLP, the law firm I will be interning for a total of 240 hours during my last summer as a BC student. After two weeks assisting paralegals and lawyers in their every-day tasks, I can conclude that the skills I’ve learned while working at the Office of the Dean of Students in Boston College have been the ones which have prepared me the most to adapt and succeed in this professional setting.

  • Ability to handle confidential or sensitive information- Skills and virtues I’ve gained by working at the Dean of Students Office are prudence, wisdom, and common sense. By dealing with student conduct issues, for instance, I have learned to act with great care and respect towards information that is private and intimate. This is something I have been applying during my time at the firm, since I’ve been trusted with confidential documents.
  • Networking- Interacting with people and making connections is a skill I’ve been introduced to at BC and which I’ve been trying to develop in my internship. Being surrounded by talented people, attorneys, legal assistants, office managers, among others, is a great opportunity to meet professionals and get insights about my future career path.
  • Teamwork- As a student assistant in the Dean of Students Office, I’ve learned that each person has his responsibilities and that only when everybody works in unison can the mission of the Office be accomplished. The same occurs in the firm. As a summer intern who has had the chance to help different members of the team, I’ve practiced being an accountable, cooperative, and efficient co-worker.

Written by Maria F. Castillo, BC Class of 2017


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