Learning How to Tweet

Lauren Otterman image blog 1

Adaptability is key, both in school and in the workplace. My role at My Life My Choice shifts from day to day. Out of the nine full time, in-office staff, I have done work for eight. Although I have been assigned a few long term projects that will span the entire summer, I encounter new tasks and challenges every day, each of which I am expected to complete to a professional level in a timely manner. In terms of those different tasks, there are a few that feel very similar to my experience of spending countless hours upon hours doing in school: researching and writing.

Both of these fond old friends have taken on different faces. This research is browsing online articles and news that mesh with the mission of My Life My Choice to engage our followers on social media, rather than scouring the library shelves and sifting through hundreds of pages of academic writing for a paper. Nevertheless, my task here has been made much easier due to the skills of knowing how to narrow down a search to elicit the best results as well as being able to quickly skim a piece to see if it will be useful. The greatest challenge of all this is learning how to condense the message of that piece into an easily digestible 140 character tweet when I’m so used to having thousands of words at my disposal. Who knew tweeting could be so hard!
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Written by Lauren Otterman, BC Class of 2017


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