Developing the Workforce



With a major in Management Leadership and minors in Philosophy and International Studies, working at a financial services firm was not a plan. Here I am, interning at State Street, a major financial services institution and loving it.

What’s the catch? My work is meaningful to me – a perfect blend of BC’s Jesuit ideals, men and women for others and my career specific interests.

I work under Global Human Resources, a corporate unit (non-revenue earning) under Talent Acquisition, within the Workforce Development team. All this to say, I do HR and it’s really exciting!

Last year, the Chairman and CEO of State Street pledged $20 million to five nonprofit partners over the duration of four years, with a goal to hire 1,000 full time employees by the end of it. These hires are what HR folks would call “non-traditional” by which they mean someone they would not ordinarily consider. My team is making this goal and dream come true. We take interns at every level from Boston Public Schools – high schools, community colleges, etc. and our data shows a wide range of diversity in demographics.

So what’s my job? Everything. Within the first week I learned the basic systems and softwares, completed 9 compliance trainings, and learned more about my team’s mission. By the second week, I was contributing to Orientation for our high school interns. I was given an hour and fifteen minutes for the Activities part- more than any other segment of the day. I kept my audience engaged, attentive, and excited about their team building exercises – courtesy of my intensive training as an Orientation Leader and management class from last semester, Leading High Performance Teams.

I cannot believe three weeks have gone by; I have so much more to learn!


For more information about the initiative, visit

Written by Naz Subah, BC Class of 2017





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