The ‘C’ Word


I can almost guarantee that every single person reading this post knows someone who has, or had, cancer. This summer, I am interning in the lab of Dr. Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D., a Biology professor at Boston College who researches cancer as a metabolic disease.  We study the biochemical pathways involved in the metabolism of cancer in order to understand how certain diet restrictions and drug combinations can fight the disease’s progression.  Ideally, our research will lead to new treatment options that are less poisonous and intrusive to the human body than chemotherapy or radiation, and with fewer side effects.

As the first two weeks of my internship come to a close, I feel extremely prepared for what lies ahead, thanks to the courses I have taken so far at BC. The lab techniques that I will use on a daily basis were first introduced to me in a class that I took last year, called Investigations to Molecular Cell Biology. The procedures that once seemed so foreign to me are now ingrained in my brain as second nature and I am ready to translate the knowledge that I learned in class into real-life application.

Dr. Seyfried is one of the leading scientists pioneering the research of cancer metabolism, an innovative field that has recently gained a lot of public support. Being at the forefront of a scientific revolution is an experience I will deeply cherish.  Moreover, I have the privilege of being able to work in the comfort of my home-away-from-home: Higgins Hall. This allows me connect with undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and even professors from other labs on campus, and learn new topics and techniques while making friends and professional connections in the process.

Written by Shelby Smith, BC Class of 2017



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