Figuring it out and Asking Questions

I recently started my internship as a research trainee at the Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory (PNL) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. So far it has been very challenging yet incredibly rewarding. Boston College has prepared me with numerous skills to accomplish the demands of my internship. Specifically, I will be able to use my biology background to contextualize what I am learning and exploring at the lab. For instance understanding the endocrine and immune systems have allowed me to partake in conversations with my superiors about theories and hypothesizes concerning their exploration into certain neurological diseases. Additionally, Boston College has provided me with a strong work ethic. This has allowed me to maximize my education as well as work effectively on new projects. Much of what I am doing in terms of the computer science aspect requires me to figure out steps and commands as I go. The drive to be successful that BC has instilled in me has made this not only plausible but also enjoyable.

I had one professor sophomore year that really encouraged me to keep asking questions. I have always learned well when I could ask questions; however, it is often difficult to do so in a massive lecture. This one professor who urged me to continue asking questions has greatly effected my confidence in asking questions in all scenarios. This has given me an edge at my internship. I look at every conversation and plan for the day as an opportunity to learn and my willingness to ask questions has really helped me pick things up quickly.

While I have not been able to photograph the lab, I was able to snap a picture of my lunch view the other day at our other location over in Charlestown. Check it out!



Written by Henry Dumke, BC Class of 2017


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