Banking 101


After working for only two weeks at Wolfe Research Securities, I can definitely say that the Summer Catalyst Program has given me an ‘edge’ in the world of work. I have already directly applied information and skills taken from the summer management courses. So far, I have been asked to research, spread financial statements, and create valuation multiples for both private and public companies. Because of Financial Accounting, I already understood how to dissect a 10K or annual report. The skills I learned in Computers in Management has then allowed to me transfer this knowledge I have extracted from these financial reports and lay them out clearly in a dynamic excel worksheet. Although my excel skills still need a lot of work, without this course I would have struggled to navigate this essential business application. The Catalyst program also provided me with knowledge I didn’t realize would be so beneficial. Last summer, a specialist taught us about business etiquette and the so called business “dress code.” I had no idea how much my appearance and clothing would say about my personality and work ethic.

Over the next two weeks, I will be learning how to create a discounted cash flow model and transaction comparable valuations. Having taken Corporate Finance this past semester, I have practiced creating DCF models through case studies. In addition, I have prior experience, spreading transaction comparables on numerous public companies. It will be interesting to see how much of this knowledge is compatible with Wolfe’s practices.

I was really unsure what to include as a hyperlink because of the limited information I am allowed to share. If I could give one piece of advice for anyone going into the finance industry it would be to get a PC not a MAC. I understand that I have only been working for two weeks, but it is essential to memorize the excel keyboard short cuts for a PC. It amazes me how the analyst above myself can work for hours without ever touching the mouse. Below I have linked a list of excel short cuts that I am currently trying to learn that can save you a ton of time at work.

The 54 Excel shortcuts you really should know

Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Written by James Kissell, BC Class of 2017


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