All you have to do is ask:

I am lucky enough to be interning with an organization whose every day work has a lasting and tangible impact on the lives of children around the world. In my first two weeks here at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF I have truly seen the value of my Boston College education. Like Boston College, UNICEF works towards a better world through collaboration and education, as well as fund raising and aid work. As a Boston College student who is challenged each day to consider my role in this world and how I can be a woman for others, I feel as though I may have found my place. I am so lucky to be working with an organization whose values align so closely with my own. In my first few weeks in the office I have grown to understand the significant and powerful impact my extracurricular activities at Boston College have on me as a young person in the work force. As the Director of Speakers for the Women’s Summit: Own It, I have learned to be bold and to “just ask”. What I mean by this is, that I have learned that when one hesitates to ask for help or ask for donations or whatever else it may be you block yourself off from great collaboration and opportunity. With my role as the Director of Speakers, as well as, here as the Intern in a primarily fundraising focused office, I have learned that you must ask for contributions, the worst someone can say is no. However, I have found that they are far more likely to say yes. I think that this boldness and this willingness to jump right in has allowed me to succeed and really immerse myself in the work here at UNICEF.

As an intern atan organization with such a global reach and that operate in so many countries, it is crucial for me to stay up to date on both the work of UNICEF as well as any global issues that effect children. I have spent a lot of time reading up on topics related to children’s and young adults rights. I have attached the link to an article that I read during my research for UNICEF that I found horrific, but especially compelling and draws me even more to this line of work.

Written by Molly Davis, BC Class of 2018


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