Insight Into the Diet of Preterm Infants

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This summer, I have the incredible opportunity to intern for the Connecticut Human Milk Research Center, at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford. Here I am able to apply experiences and lessons from my time at Boston College such as taking initiative, being diligent and being a team contributor that will prove to be helpful throughout my internship.

The Center is sponsored by the Connecticut Children’s Division of Neonatology and studies human milk intake in premature infants and its affects on their overall health. They do this through a unique NICU-specific database where they collect various data points including the daily amount of mother’s milk, donor milk, and formula that each infant receives. Additionally, the center has a human milk analyzer that measures the macronutrient composition of donated human milk samples. Just recently, the Center has acquired a wet lab through UCONN TIPs in Farmington where they will have a greater capability to analyze human milk samples.

My Boston College education has thus far offered me the chance to understand how important it is to approach my work in an organized fashion. Given my experience in lab centered classes, I have learned how to work effectively in a group setting and how to outline and prioritize studies. This has been immensely helpful as I am working with other students, researchers and clinicians this summer as we aim to further understand how human breast milk impacts infant growth, development and neurological outcomes. Additionally, my Boston College educational experience has been encompassed by the Jesuit ideals of being attentive and reflective. This has ultimately helped me understand how to pay attention to detail and understand broader connections, a skill very meaningful as it promotes conducting work with care.

Written by Grace Jarmoc, BC Class of 2018


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