Developing the Next-Gen Wearable Device

This summer, I was provided with a unique opportunity to be a part of a growing startup company called ExoWear. Co-founded by a recent graduate from Boston College, ExoWear is an organization dedicated to developing technological solutions to improve patient care in physical therapy. Though I am just starting to understand the world of startups, the last two weeks has been a remarkable experience filled with daunting challenges and impressive accomplishments.

Kevin Lee ImageHaving worked on Android projects for well over a year with an extensive background in multiple programming languages, I believe that my skills in Computer Science will help the company successfully develop a platform that integrates both hardware and software to help patients affected by preventable injuries. Other skills such as leadership from the Shaw Leadership Program and networking from the Endeavor Program have definitely been helpful in allowing me to thoughtfully present my ideas during company meetings and discussions with mentors and potential investors interested in the company.

I believe that the Jesuit ideals embodied by Boston College have helped me resonate well with the company’s mission as well as retain and expand my passion for working at ExoWear. The idea that we are all men and women for others has helped me realize a more impactful purpose and meaning behind my determination and efforts, which is to help improve the health and lives of others as well as to inspire others to discover similar interests and passions. It is my hope to realize this purpose this summer and to incorporate the entrepreneurial spirit with Jesuit values of service through the reflection of my internship experience.

Written by Keun Hee Lee, BC Class of 2018


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