Transfusion and Confusion the Life of a Research Tech


This summer, I have had the opportunity to continue working in a Hematology lab out in here in Boston. Although I have worked in the lab previously, I had quickly noticed the significant differences between last summer and this summer. Although I was and am being challenged, the skills set necessary for this summer has increased as compared to last summer. With the help of the Jesuit education I received during my three years at BC, I think I can safely say that I had survived my first two weeks in the lab.

While BC has provided me with the education necessary to understand the basic science behind the research I am conducting in the lab. BC has also provided me with a valuable skill set that I would not have received anywhere else. Firstly, through the numerous lab courses I have taken at BC, I acquired true autonomy as a scientist. Many times in the lab, I am responsible for my own portions of the experiment. Although there are always people around in the lab that are willing to answer my questions, I feel comfortable enough with my skill set to handle my own experiment. Within the first two weeks at the lab I was able to build valuable interpersonal relationships within the scientific community. For example, I was able to establish a mentor and mentee relationship with the senior scientist in the lab. BC fosters an environment that encourages students to reach out besides themselves and connect with professionals in their fields.

While I may be only two weeks into the summer I know that this experience would positively impact my future career choices.

Written by Amy Ko, BC Class of 2017




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