From Boston College to Rosie’s Place: A Common Need for Compassion


Without a doubt, my biggest responsibility as an intern at Rosie’s Place is to interact with guests in a compassionate way.  Without fulfilling this fundamental task, none of my department-specific tasks, such as developing programs and understanding policies, would be possible. 

I am indebted to the many of the classes I have taken at Boston College for helping to develop particular skills that are applicable to my work at Rosie’s Place.  In particular, I will carry over many skills from my Pulse class to my work at Rosie’s Place.  Pulse discussions taught me how to listen compassionately to all of my classmates; if one of my classmates told a story about a struggle in their personal life or in their placement, we all felt for that classmate.  Furthermore, I was able to hear of the incredible work my classmates did in their Pulse placements and see how they demonstrated constant love in the face of challenging situations.

Having prior experience working at Rosie’s Place through my Pulse placement has helped to prepare me for my role this summer.  During the past academic year, I spent Thursday nights at Rosie’s Place volunteering in the Overnight department.  I enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of such an intimate division of Rosie’s Place and to have the opportunity to connect with guests on a personal level.  As I embark on a summer working in the Self-Advocacy division of Rosie’s Place, I am keeping the relationships I built in Overnight at the front of my mind.

I look forward to continuing my work at Rosie’s Place and striving to be a compassionate member of the Rosie’s Place community.

Written by Madison Hynes, BC Class of 2018


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