Men and Women for Others Through Sports

Sarah R

At Boston College, I have been given many opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, that have developed skills I can apply to my internship this summer.

Course of Study: Major in Marketing and Minor in Medical Humanities

Internship Placement: Doc Wayne, a non-profit that fuses sport and therapy to heal and strengthen at-risk youth.  Three programs are offered for kids throughout Boston and the surrounding areas.

  • Chalk Talk® provides sport-based group therapy programs to youth. Clinician-led groups, which are assembled based on age and location, are held weekly over a seven-week period with current sport themes. Chalk Talk® sports include soccer, flag football, basketball, and indoor rowing. The groups teach principles of “do the good®” using both didactic and interactive approaches.
  • Therapeutic Sports Program is similar to an intramural sports league.  There are four seasonal sports (soccer, basketball, flag football, and softball), each in an eight-week season in which youth from residential treatment facilities, group homes, therapeutic day schools, and other alternative schools in Massachusetts participate in friendly league play.
  • The Global Life Empowerment Program helps Doc Wayne participants stretch to a new level of competence and readiness in skills essential to their educational, clinical, vocational, and social functioning.  It gives youth an outlet to do community service, which empowers them, provides additional out of the classroom writing and alternative self-expression opportunities, teaches self-regulation and social skills, and helps them learn to advocate for themselves, their needs, and desires in appropriate ways.

At Doc Wayne, I have been in charge of social media, which ties into a recent class I took, Marketing Principles.  Here I have to not only market the brand, but understand what Doc Wayne’s brand is all about.  A company’s brand is not equivalent to their marketing.  A brand comes before any marketing.  A brand explains the value of an organization, and communicates their attributes and characteristics.  Doc Wayne’s brand is built off of their vision that all youth should have access to high quality mental health care.  Doc Wayne also has 6 core values that help structure the organization: innovative, passionate, inclusive, loving, impactful, and fun.  Every post or interaction has to explain what Doc Wayne is all about, and fall in line their mission statement, vision statement, and core values.

I also am hoping to participate in one of their Chalk Talk® Groups to interact with the kids firsthand.  This part of my job will tie more so into the Intro to Medical Humanities class I took this year.  The overall theme of the course was to gain insight on the struggles that doctors, patients, and caregivers face, in order to have more empathy for them.

One experience from Boston College that has definitely given me an “edge” on my work, is my involvement in the Appalachia Volunteers of Boston College.  I was a participant my freshman year, and then was a Council member on the Outreach Committee, and trip leader my sophomore year.  Appa has not only given me a unique set of skills that allow me to do my marketing well, but it has also given me humility, empathy, and passion to apply to my Doc Wayne internship.

Written by Sarah Ramsey, BC Class of 2018


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