Pre-Law Student at a Legal Nonprofit

This summer, I am interning at the Maine Youth Court (MYC), a restorative justice diversion program for youths who have committed a crime or broken a severe school rule. During my sophomore year of high school, I became a student volunteer for this inspiring organization. For the remainder of high school, I continued to actively volunteer for the Maine Youth Court, and I was fortunate enough to become a student leader the MYC during my senior year. While I was able to be introduced to a small facet of this remarkable organization in high school, I yearned for more exposure and experience, especially to the business and administrative aspect of this nonprofit. Consequently, I applied to Maine Youth Court’s Undergraduate Internship for this summer in hopes to gain hands-on experience and knowledge in the business and administrative facets of a nonprofit organization,to gain knowledge and experience in social justice work, and to promote social change through restorative justice.Once I applied, by sending my resume and a cover letter to a project director, I asked to come into the office for a personal interview. Following that interview, I received a phone call two weeks later, during which I was informed that I was fortunate enough to be offered the position.

I believe that my Boston College education has not only qualified me to posses this internship, but has prepared me to excel as an intern for the Maine Youth Court, through my academic coursework and my role as a student.

During the fall 2015 semester, I took “Law I: Intro to Law,” which examined the United States judicial system through the study of U.S. Courts, Torts, Criminal Laws, and the justice process in general. This class has given me a much needed background and understanding of the judicial system and process in the United States. As an intern at the Maine Youth Court, I will be able to use this academic knowledge to address District Judges, lawyers, police officers, youths, and parents on the behalf of Maine Youth Court, as we try to promote restorative justice. Here is a video, which features my two supervisors explaining restorative justice and its importance.

Furthermore, in the spring 2016 semester, I took a “Race, Law, and Resistance,” which analyzes the legal strategies by disadvantaged ethic minorities. The Maine Youth Court is a nonprofit legal organization, which works to provide social justice, restorative justice, and equality for youths in Maine, which were essential topics in this class. Race, Law, and Resistance exposed me to the current injustices in the U.S Judicial System, which I can use to understand and emphasize with youths who are completing the Maine Youth Court Program.

As a student at Boston College, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the use of computers, research, and websites, which I have already needed to use at this internship. Last week, I completely revamped the Maine Youth Court website for additional information and content.

In conclusion, BC has provided me with an understanding of the US Judicial System, social justice, and a technological understanding that will allow me to excel as an intern for Maine Youth Court.

Written by Dylan Tureff, BC Class of 2019



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